Company Stores

We create a custom site that is designed for your company to elevate your brand to a new level! Let us help you choose high-quality branded merchandise your employees would love to have. These sites help control brand management, inventory and allow you to access a number of reports. This is where your employees can get retail-quality branded merchandise for themselves or can order for events, client gifts, tradeshow giveaways, uniforms and more. Your brand’s logo will be represented to the utmost standard and your employees will stand out! Plus, we make sure the website is secure and PCI compliant.

Company Store Types

Inventory Store

  • Order as few as one item.
  • Quick and easy access to items – no setups.
  • With annual contract pricing and bulk purchasing, you get volume discounts.
  • Control brand identity with consistent branding across all merchandise.
  • Central monthly cost center reporting for inventory control and budgeting purposes.
  • Orders placed before 12 p.m. ship within 24 hours.
  • Multiple payment options available from credit cards to purchase order, points and budgets.

On Demand Store

  • No merchandise is produced until an order is placed, after which goods are produced as quickly as 3-7 days; 10 days for larger volumes. All merchandise is drop shipped directly to you.
  • Because no inventory is on the shelf, options are limitless.
  • Add as many products or apparel choices as you’d like.
  • Consistent brand identity control. Your logo is printed to exact specifications on everything, every time.
  • Multiple payment options available.

This type of store has minimum purchase requirements which apply mostly to promotional products.

A Little of Both Store (hybrid)

Need some merchandise inventoried and a large selection of branded promotional products that can be drop shipped? This is truly the best of both types of stores. We stock what you need, then offer a variety of products the buyer can order. There will be some minimums to meet, but there are no set-ups, and we can ship within 3-7 days on most orders.

Company Store Examples