About Us

Corporate Connection began in 1993 when our founder, Lisa Herrera, noticed that there was a need for full-service promotional marketing services in the El Paso area. Always thinking outside the box, Lisa has gone on to provide Corporate Connection’s services to clients across the nation.

HUB-Certified Minority & Woman-Owned Family Business

Corporate Connection’s Mission To You

We stay up-to-date on current trends in order to provide clients with the freshest, most useful products. We strive to be innovative and progressive. In fact, it is our mission to get the most out of the customer’s budget. We know how to use any budget to produce the best results. As a full-service agency, we will gladly work with you and outline exactly how you can use your budget to its full potential.

How We Got Started in the Promotion Game

As a corporate gift salesperson, Lisa interacted with a variety of individuals who continually asked her if she could put their company logo on those corporate gifts. That was the moment she realized that business owners in the Southwest area were in desperate need of an agency that could provide them with all the branding services they wanted. This realization went on to become Corporate Connection. Starting first with promotional products and then growing to include apparel, Corporate Connection has truly become an all-encompassing BRANDING AGENCY.

Today, Corporate Connection is a family-operated business, with Lisa’s family helping to grow the company daily!